Personalized COACHING

I offer coaching that is 100% personalized towards your individual lifestyle, goals and needs. 

  • It could be that you want to eat healthier without giving up on your favorite foods.
  • Maybe you want to improve your athletic performance by fueling your body appropriately.
  • Perhaps you have specific body composition goals and want to lose body fat or gain muscle.

If one or any combo of those things is your goal, schedule your free consult with me and I'll show you how I can help you.




What my clients are saying...

Since I've been working with Alex, I've lost 15 pounds, 10.75 inches, and gone down 1-2 dress sizes. But I've also had a number of non-scale victories. I got back to the gym and joined in group classes for the first time since I got hurt, I learned to be patient in terms of my recovery, and I've become more mindful of my eating habits. I still have a ways to go, but I can genuinely say that Alex has changed the way I think and behave for the better, and I've felt the effects in all aspects of my life. 

- Kristel G.

Alex really goes all-in with you to figure out what you need. My biggest issue is that I really had no idea how much I was eating so it was impossible to know if I was eating enough. The only time a day I sit down is to eat, so my calories out was a shot in the dark. Alex figured out exactly what I needed to eat and laid out a clear plan for me.

- Tyler L.

I always thought that I needed to cut out the foods I loved in order to have a balanced diet. I wanted a coach to get a real perspective on what a balanced meal looked like or what a sustainable nutrition plan was. Working with Alex, I have learned that I don't have to cut out the foods I loved! He taught me to incorporate balance or add additional nutrients to my meal when I wanted that mac and cheese! He's made me much more aware of my eating habits so I can self correct. Alex has given me tools to be able to take control of my own habits. 

- Archana. W