I've helped people from all backgrounds with all different kinds of goals in mind. 

Here's what some of my Clients say about working with me.

Christina G.

I was doing my first ever NPC bikini competition! I needed real nutritional guidance and boundaries to create drastic changes in my appearance in a healthy way.

[On working with Alex] Seriously could not have been better. He is supportive, kind, understanding all while being clear, directive, and holding me accountable. He held me capable to do the necessary work and checked in frequently enough that I never felt alone in the process.

I reached my NPC goal and morphed my body into a more efficient food machine while having the much coveted six pack I never thought possible. And truly most importantly I started to understand food in an entirely new way.

I appreciate you for all that you are. You’re a coach but more importantly a friend. I can talk to you about crying over cod during peak week and celebrate with a cheat meal (that still includes a salad #greenshitonmyplate). You make me want to try harder and learn more and there aren’t enough words to thank you for the impact on my life. I just really love ya! 


Archana W.

Nutrition has always been my weak point. I always thought that I needed to cut out the foods I loved in order to have a balanced diet. I wanted a coach to get a real perspective on what a balanced meal looked like or what a sustainable nutrition plan was.

Working with Alex, I have learned that I don't have to cut out the foods I loved! He taught me to incorporate balance or add additional nutrients to my meal when I wanted that mac and cheese! He's made me much more aware of my eating habits so I can self correct. Alex has given me tools to be able to take control of my own habits. I enjoyed the fact that I could text him with questions or pictures of my food for immediate feedback. He really makes himself available to his clients and asks about your progress.

If you have never thought about giving nutrition coaching a try, please consider working with Alex! It's really changed my perception on what a sustainable lifestyle looks like, and you won't be just another client or number!

Leni Progress.png

Leni S.

After over a decade battle with various eating disorders, I knew that I as I was getting older I could not keep the negative mindset of body shaming and habit of skipping meals in the long run if I wanted to be healthy.

My main concern about working on nutrition was setting a rigid agenda that would become difficult to follow or having to cut out things from my diet completely. Working with Alex has been a lifestyle change but not a sacrifice. With small, clear goals and changes over time I was able to retrain my mind to crave healthier snacks, and pay close attention to my body's hunger cries.

Working with Alex is like having a personal coach in your ear. Alex listens to my weight goals and nutrition goals and works with me to set meal and workout plans that I can follow at my own pace so the goals are meant to be achieved over a slow period but with lasting results so I can follow these mindful eating techniques for life.

I would recommend Alex because he truly listens to your goals and needs instead of trying to give you maximum challenges to complete for maximum results. Instead of conforming to strict meals plans, he gives you guidelines you can actually follow and want to follow because the results are you end up feeling better overall.


Kristel G.

Hiring Alex as a nutrition coach is the best thing I've done for myself in a very long time, if not ever. He has an innate talent and genuine passion for helping people, and it shows through his work every day. In addition to being super knowledgeable and well-versed in his field, he is down to earth, empathetic, and an all-around fun person to work with.

I've been involved in a variety of health and fitness programs over the years and have worked with a number of coaches, trainers, and nutritionists--but Alex is unique. His approach is about meeting me where I'm at, tackling what I am ready, willing and able to tackle, and doing so in a way that fits within my lifestyle. He is adept at identifying obstacles and working with me to find solutions--all while maintaining a delicate balance of tough love and compassion.

Since I've been working with Alex, I've lost 15 pounds, 10.75 inches, and gone down 1-2 dress sizes. But I've also had a number of non-scale victories. I got back to the gym and joined in group classes for the first time since I got hurt, I learned to be patient in terms of my recovery, and I've become more mindful of my eating habits. I still have a ways to go, but I can genuinely say that Alex has changed the way I think and behave for the better, and I've felt the effects in all aspects of my life.

I have made more meaningful, sustainable progress working with him in the past nine months than I have in the previous years combined...and for the first time in a long time, I'm actually enjoying the journey. I have Alex to thank for that.

Stephanie B.

I was stuck in this sugar addiction lifestyle. I would spend days not eating and fueling my body with sour patch kids with a side of salad. I was struggling with my programming and just feeling tired all the time. Don't get me wrong I would definitely go through super healthy periods of times where I was on point but nothing was ever consistent.

I had no specific concerns about working with Alex. I was more nervous about taking the plunge into nutrition. It was scary. He made me feel comfortable and ready to really dive in. 

Alex showed me what a life change looks like. I look at food in a WHOLE new way. AKA WHOLE foods that are going to fill me and make me feel better. Alex also made me realize that no food is a "bad" food and that I can still enjoy the small things like a donut once in awhile but learning when and moderation.

Physically I looked more lean, lost body fat and overall weight. Mentality was the biggest achievement. I was able to really feeeeel better. My sleep was more stable, my gut health was under control, even my hair, skin and nails were better!

Alex worked with me as an individual and not as a "template" and his ability to problem solve and help me to see the day to day rather than focusing so hard on the HUGE picture made it sustainable and simple.

I have completely changed since working with Alex. He helped me to have a healthy relationship with food and I am forever grateful for that.

Tristin M.

Alex has totally given me a re-education on nutrition. I mean liiiiike imma new person because of it and 10 lbs lighter too. I have no more food shame & I feel empowered when it comes to my daily food choices.


Erica Sparrow.png

Erica S.

I decided to work with a nutrition coach because I felt stuck with my nutrition.  I had been doing a generic template I bought online and didn’t really know what to do after a cutting phase.  I was starting to notice I wasn’t recovering after my workouts, and I didn’t feel like I had the energy to complete the workouts.  I was already used to tracking my food and eating well, but I struggled with cheats.  Any time I had a treat (cookies, cake, pizza, etc.) I would overdo it and feel terrible!  I felt like I needed help figuring out a balance.

Alex has helped be more mindful when I’m eating without being super restrictive. I am definitely feeling better and have more energy to sustain my workouts, but even more important than that I think the biggest thing I have achieved in working with Alex is balance in my nutrition.  Which is great because this balance is sustainable; it isn’t a quick fix, it is a long term plan.

He takes all the guess work out of the process and provides me with detailed information and a personalized nutrition plan that fits my lifestyle. He closely monitors my progress and makes adjustments quickly where necessary. He uses a holistic approach and doesn’t only focus on nutrition.  He also takes sleep, stress, and other factors into consideration.

I haven’t been working with Alex very long, but I would highly recommend working with him. Working with Alex has been a bigger value than I had expected.  I wanted to look and feel better, and working with him is definitely getting me there.  But I have also learned valuable tools and methods to help me be in control of what and how much I eat. 

Mike A.

My main concern was how much actual coaching would I get being that you do this remotely and if this would actually work.

I knew what healthy eating was and about macros but not how to put it together and how to have a well balanced meal using my macros. I wanted some kind of guideline on how to get where I needed to be nutrition wise.

I would eat healthy but either wouldn’t lose the weight or I would lose the weight but too fast and have no energy. Alex helped me solve that problem by talking me through the process and not just throwing numbers at me. It was a bit overwhelming at first but all the text and emails and phone calls helped out a lot.

I lost about 6% body fat and about 18 lbs. I also learned how to make balanced meals and when to eat fats and carbs and when not to. Overall my knowledge nutrition has went up significantly .

I liked that Alex would check up on me very often and have sometimes very lengthy phone calls about my progress and problems I would run into. He did a lot of problem solving and wouldn’t let me accept life getting in the way as a cop out.

I definitely would recommend everyone working with Alex and have in fact already referred people to him. He makes it easy to get your eating habits in check and takes all the complicated thinking out of it.

Dusty P. 

I have to admit - I was a skeptic about the importance of nutrition. I was 90% sure (and was quite vocal about it) that nutrition (beyond that which is common sense) was nothing but a marketing ploy. “It’s just calories in, calories out,” I would say. “The rest is just pseudoscience.”

But while I was 90% sure of the above, there was one thing I was 100% sure of - that Alex “Crunk” Maclin was absolutely jacked. That guy was doing something right. So, I signed on with Alex and told myself I would do whatever he told me to do.

I started working with Alex in early 2017, and he quickly identified a number of things in my diet that he said were contributing factors. Naturally, I scoffed, but I reminded myself of my commitment to do whatever this guy told me to do.  

Within a month, I was gaining weight - the good kind. I was shocked by the steady gains that I had never been able to accomplish in the past. Alex was intelligent, motivating, and patient. When I’d fall short of my nutritional goals, he would never criticize but instead help me identify different ways to hit my numbers. 

I had been afraid all along of gaining too much weight - the bad kind. Alex assured me that when it came time to cut, any and all unwanted fat would vanish. Indeed, he was right. 

I couldn’t have been more pleased with the knowledge, lifestyle habits, and overall approach to wellness that I acquired from Alex. I began this endeavor as a cliche “shed for the wed(ding)” goal. After my wedding, I have kept it going without fail (and my wife has too). I have been shocked by the amount of control I have over my body when utilizing proper nutrition individualized to my body and my lifestyle. 

I can’t speak highly enough of Alex and would recommend him to anyone. Give it a shot - what do you have to lose?  


Rebecca S.

I started working with Alex in the summer of 2017. It had been a year since I competed in my first figure show where I took second. The lady who trained me, a nurse, played fast and loose with my health. I began to experience symptoms of congestive heart failure and liver failure. I felt a little lost even a year after the traumatic figure experience. I still had emotional reactions of fear when eating an apple. Being a part of the CrossFit community I had some connections who lead me to Alex. I remember watching his first debut on Barbell Shrugged. They said, “He is the hardest worker they know.” I reached out to Alex and after an initial ‘interview’ we both decided it would be a good fit.

Alex got very involved in my process. He took time building a foundation with me of eating natural foods and enjoying other foods. He changed gears every few weeks after we would discuss my current situation and future goals. It was like constructing a building, each floor supported the one above it.

After several weeks, I sustained an injury in my knee while squatting. Alex changed gears with me and adjusted to my new goals. He offered his support with training. He helped me to slow my pace, work around my injury, and keep patient, “Wait for the cookies,” so I wouldn’t re-injure myself or further the damage. To date, I am able to rep 185 lbs 3x on my squat, and will soon be under 200+ lbs again! Thanks Alex!

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