My Philosophy

There is more than one way to eat for health, looks & performance. Finding what works for you is the key.

There is more than one way to eat for health, looks & performance. Finding what works for you is the key.

I don't believe in any one way of eating healthier.

What works for someone else may not work for you because every person is unique.

Over the years through personal experience with trying multiple diets like Paleo, Keto, Zone, Vegetarian, Flexible Dieting, and etc, through continuing my education and coaching, I've learned and observed that the best nutrition plan is the one that you as an individual are ready, willing and able to adopt as your lifestyle. 

I believe in habits over diets and quick fixes. 

In my opinion, developing sound nutrition, wellness and lifestyle habits are key to long-term success and happiness. Look at the fittest and healthiest people in this world. They stay fit and healthy because of habits not quick fixes, crash diets or fads. Therefore, I emphasize building better habits in every aspect of life, training and eating.  

I believe in the power of "real coaching". 

Anytime I wanted to be better at something or accomplish a goal I had, I got a coach to help me. I believe in the power of coaching, "real coaching". Understand that coaching isn't just throwing information at you, bossing you around, telling you that you suck and you should try harder (awful), or only giving you "some numbers to hit" on a diet and sending you on your way.

Real coaching requires actual listening, understanding, and empathy. Real coaching seeks to bring out the good in you, celebrate and build on what already works, and help you navigate around obstacles that are holding you back. Overall, you have to truly understand the person and what challenges they face if you want to actually help them. This is how I create true change and long-lasting success with the people I help. 


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