Why are you here?

You're here because you want to change yourself for the better.

It could be that you want to:

  • lose fat and learn how to keep it off

  • eat healthier without giving up your favorite foods

  • figure out how to eat healthier automatically without stress

  • live a healthier life full of energy with less worry about illness and disease

  • improve your athletic performance and fuel your body to maximize progress in your training

  • gain serious muscle mass and strength without gaining too much fat

  • improve your relationship with food and get control of your eating habits

  • be proud of and love the body you're in

I want you help you do any combination of these things and show you how to maintain this better version of you for the rest of your life.   

Allow me to explain how I can help you reach your goals. 


What I Provide


Individualized Coaching

We begin with a free 1-on-1 initial assessment so I can learn and understand everything about you. The methods and strategies used are specifically tailored to meet your needs, lifestyle and help you reach your specific goals for losing fat, building muscle, improving performance, increasing energy, and etc.  

Alex worked with me as an individual and not as a “template” and his ability to problem solve and help me to see the day to day rather than focusing so hard on the HUGE picture made it sustainable and simple.
— Stephanie B.
Stephanie HeadShot.jpg

Accountability & Tracking Progress

My role is to create an environment that allows you to be successful. We'll use a variety of resources, tracking sheets, and tools to measure, record, and assess progress to make sure you stay on track. How we track, measure, and record progress is still personalized to you. For example: if you don't want to step on a scale everyday or even take progress pictures, I will work with you to come up with other methods to keep you on track and measure progress.

“Alex is supportive, kind, understanding all while being clear, directive, and holding me accountable. He held me capable to do the necessary work and checked-in frequently enough that I never felt alone in the process.”
— Christina G.
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Communication & Full Support

Communication is very important for success. I can only help with what I know about and the clients that communicate with me regularly get the best results. I open myself up fully for you to stay in touch with me as much as you need. 

  • You'll check-in with me each week via email to update me on how things are going. You'll also be able to email me anytime.

  • Text me and I can help navigate social functions, choosing items at the store or a restaurant, and etc.

  • Twice a month phone call check-ins to map out strategies, discuss your progress, vent about life, or whatever you want to talk about with me.

I enjoyed the fact that I could text him with questions or pictures of my food for immediate feedback. He really makes himself available to his clients and asks about your progress.
— Archana W.

How am I different?

You have your own life, problems, habits, food preferences—you name it. No two individuals are completely alike, so why would those 2 people need exactly the same approach? Most nutrition coaches, programs, apps and diets seem to forget that you are unique and only prescribe to ONE way of getting things done. 

It may be counting calories or macros, giving you a meal plan, super clean-eating, going low carb-high fat, or low fat-high carb, and etc. The thing is that ONE way of doing things may work for some people, but for you it may not.

The only method(s) that’s for sure to work in both the short and long-term, are the ones that you can do consistently so they become habitual. For that to happen, what you do has to meet your needs, fit your lifestyle. You also have to be ready, willing, and able to do the work required.  

Most nutrition programs, diets, apps or coaches will just show their way of doing things instead of truly they meeting you where you are. For example: let's say you don't know how or have the desire to weigh all your food on a food scale, log everything you eat in a tracking app and track macros or calories. 

Do you honestly think you will stick to all that if a coach tells you that's what you have to do to see results? 

The things you do to change your nutrition (and life) must be things you're ready, willing and able to do. If you're not, then you're less likely to do it with any consistency, and in nutrition, consistency is the glue that holds everything together. 

I don’t have ONE single method. I've spent a lot of my own journey learning from many in this space and trying several different approaches. From doing all that, I have acquired MANY methods that I can use. With you, we'd use whatever methods or strategies that you're willing to do and will get you the results you want. It's a collaborative effort and we work together to solve your problems. This is true individualization. I focus on your needs and where you want to go, not where I think you should go. After all, this is about you remember?

I’ve been involved in a variety of health and fitness programs over the years and have worked with a number of coaches, trainers, and nutritionists—but Alex is unique. His approach is about meeting me where I’m at, tackling what I am ready, willing and able to tackle, and doing so in a way that fits within my lifestyle.
— Kristel G.

Before, I struggled with nutrition and tried so many different things that I really didn't want to do. What ended up really working long-term was finding the unique combination of nutrition practices and lifestyle habits that aligned with the way I wanted to eat and live. 

That’s how it’s going to work for you too.

If you're interested in working with me to improve your nutrition, wellness and performance I encourage you to apply using the form on this page. I'm happy to talk with you and show you how I can help. 


Why apply?

For this process to work, I need to understand you as an individual. 

If someone doesn't understand you, how in the world are they going to help you? They can't. You probably wouldn't even listen to their advice because you'd be thinking "This bro doesn't even get me". 

I need to understand your goals, your motivations, your lifestyle, your strengths and your shortcomings. This requires listening, asking you questions, empathizing and getting on your level. This helps me get a really clear picture of where you are currently, where you want to go, and what's holding you back. When I can fully understand you and you feel understood, really good things will happen. 

I believe that actions speak louder than words. This application process shows me how committed and serious you are about doing the necessary work. Unlike many in the fitness space, I refuse to sugar-coat and hide the fact that this will be hard work. Even making small, manageable changes to your life can be a challenge.

This will be challenging, but extremely rewarding, and I'm willing to help you succeed in all ways that I am able. I'm willing to fully commit to helping you. In return, I expect you to fully commit to this process, take action and do the work. If you are serious about this and this is a priority in your life, you will take action.

If you are a person of action, show me. Please apply for a consult below.

Ready to get Started?
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What To expect after you Apply

I’ll send you an email with some tasks I’d like you to complete before we have our call. Yes, I’m giving you work already. If that’s a problem, then we may not be a good fit. 

Once you’ve complete the tasks, we’ll have a 60-90 minute consult call where I will get a clear picture of your life, eating habits, and goals.

On the call, I’ll give you some feedback on what you’re doing well, what could be improved, explain the details of my service and what I expect from you as a client. 

If I feel you are a good fit and you're down to jump on board, we can start working together immediately.

Thanks and looking forward to talking with you.

- Alex