Meal Prep Hack: Buy in Bulk at Costco

If you’re lucky enough to live near a Costco but don’t have a membership or regularly shop there, get your act together because you’re seriously missing out on making eating healthy and meal prepping ridiculously hassle-free.

If you’re like us and extra lazy when it comes to cooking, Costco is going to be your best friend. There are tons of high quality pre-made foods, frozen items, pre-seasoned meats, and on-the-go foods to supplement your weekly meal prep or if you’ve been super-busy like us lately, replace it completely.

Arguably, the best thing about the store is that you can get organic, grass-fed, wild-caught, non-GMO, and gluten-free foods at way better prices than at a standard grocer or going to Whole Paycheck. So if you want to eat like royalty and save tons of time and money, SHOP AT COSTCO!

Here are some of staples we typically grab most runs:

  • Frozen veggies (brussels, broccoli, riced cauliflower, and etc)

  • Fresh veggies, fruits and salad kits

  • Pre-cooked/frozen meats: Amylu’s chicken burgers, sirloin roasts, wild-caught salmon, chicken skewers, bubba seasoned turkey burgersWild-caught ocean critters: MF Shramp, sardines, canned tuna

  • Side-pieces: Garden lite veggie cakes, black bean veggie bowls, roasted potatoes, chickpea pasta, guac cups, quinoa/kale mix

  • Munchies: rice rollers i.e. crack, beef jerky, Parm whisps, mixed nuts

Because a lot of these foods are already prepped and just need heating, when we get home we just fire the oven, heat up the skillets, toss things in the microwave and we have delicious, healthy food for the entire week in half the time.

Full disclosure I’m not getting paid to promote Costco. As much money as we spend in that place I could only wish! We just think it’s awesome and wanted to share how we shop there. Anyways, what are some go-to’s in your Costco haul? Also curious if you guys are interested in me reviewing food finds there. Let me know in the comments below.

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