Another way to look at fat loss

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What if instead of fixating on losing fat and weight...

What if you ate to fuel yourself to have the strength and energy to do all the things you love?

What if you worked out to have fun instead of using it as punishment for something “bad” you ate?

What if you stopped referring to some foods as “bad” altogether?

What if you took the time to enjoy your meals instead of scarfing it down as fast as possible?

What if you went to that party, took that vacation, made some memories and spent time with the folks you love?

What if you didn’t beat yourself up every time you didn’t eat according to plan?

What if you realized you’re human, forgave yourself for slip ups and just got right back on track the next opportunity?

What if you stopped hating your body with every fiber of your being?

What if you accepted and loved yourself for who and where you are now?

What if you treated your body with respect and gave it the best quality food you could?

What if you gave yourself time to relax and get enough sleep?

What if you stopped comparing your journey and progress to others and discounting all of your hard work?

What if you celebrated your successes big or small and embraced learning from your mistakes.

What if you expressed some gratitude over what you do have instead of obsessing on what you don’t have?

What if you focused on being a little bit better instead of perfect?

What if you took one small step at a time, practiced patience and just enjoyed your journey?

What if you did these things you found yourself exactly where you wanted to be in the first place?

Just something to think about :)



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