Tips To Avoid the Holiday Season Weight Gain

It’s Halloween and officially the start of the holiday season that doesn’t really end until Spring if you think about it: Halloween > Thanksgiving > Chrismahanukwanzakah > New Years > V Day and for some even St. Pat’s and Easter. Things almost guaranteed to happen every season:

  1. People dump their shitty bf/gf so they aren’t stuck with them until Spring

  2. People get engaged

  3. People gain weight


Because for some reason, we see a few days out of 3-6 months to just say eff nutrition, eat ALL the food and treats and then wonder why our pants don’t fit come January. We can do better this year. Here are a few things to keep in mind in order to enjoy the holidays and keep the weight off:

  1. It’s a day. Not a week. 6 days out of 3 months is nothing. Keep it to one day each holiday and you’ll be fine in the long-run.

  2. Maintaining weight is a win. Losing during this season isn’t impossible you’ll have to be more cautious and sacrifice more than perhaps you want to. Maintaining will allow you to relax a little and enjoy things as you should.

  3. Hell yes or meh? Hell yes’s are special like meemaw’s pie she makes once a year. Meh’s are leftover Halloween candy someone brought to work to get it out of the house—nothing special and you can get it any time. See the difference? Choose hell yea experiences and forget the rest.

  4. Aim small, miss small. Find the smallest, one thing you are ready, willing and able to do during the holidays and stick to it. It could be adding a veggie to your plate or a pre-feast workout. The simpler and more doable it is, the better you can commit and be consistent.

  5. Clap back nicely. Come up with some positive responses to food pushers. While “This is why you’re fat and can’t get a man” will likely get you punched in the mouth, “Thanks it was delicious. I’ve had plenty” or “Thanks I’m actually happy with how I eat” may work out better.

  6. Self-compassion goes a long way. The holidays are about being kind to others so be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself if you indulged too much. Remember just move on and get right back to things as usual ASAP.

Happy Halloween and holiday season everyone! It's truly the best time of the year so let's focus on health and happiness with our nutrition. Share any thoughts below!